African Australian Education
Our children… Australia's Future

Our Programs

We run:

Homework support, music & arts activities for children in the 5-12 age group who struggling with their education. We are piloting a model that promotes positive educational outcomes and activities to engage and encourage children from low-income backgrounds.
Our children receive educational support, music and arts activities from volunteers in a well organised safe environment.

Our Goal is to:

Assist students with home work support
Provide subject-specific learning
Provide an appropriate area with computers,
Build self-esteem, enjoyment of learning and pride in academic achievement
Offer Music, art and other enrichment activities

We are currently in Phase 1

On the first phase of the project we offer a Home work support for 20 children twice a week including music and art classes. Starting first term of the academic year African Australian Education focuses on the immediate needs of the children. Students are encouraged to provide their own feedback about their home work needs. Results of this assessment are used to plan how to provide assistance to their homework in a constantly evolving environment that can adapt to various needs.

Our Centre strives to be:

-Giving students time to begin the homework in the centre and checking for understanding and/or providing assistance at that time
-Explaining how to do the homework, including providing examples
-Providing additional one-on-one assistance to students
-Monitoring students’ homework more closely
-Assessing the difficulties for families with low income to purchase or locate materials that is required for homework activities. We provide learning tools (e.g. internet access, calculators, note pad, pens etc ).
-Checking homework for accuracy and completion.
-Providing computer based tutorial support.
-Providing music and art classes