African Australian Education
Our children… Australia's Future

About Us

From left to right are our founders Tosh,  Belay and Asefu.


About the African Australian Education Centre

Our programs were established in 2012 to assist with the educational, music and art needs of children in the Holroyd Local Government Area. We are currently trying to expand this into other areas.
We focus specifically on children most in need of further homework support and activities such as music and arts.
The African Australian Education program provides and connects people from all cultures to services that meet individual, family and social needs to achieve the ultimate goal of creating self- sufficient, capable and valuable members of our society.

Uniting Cultures…. Building Community

Resourcefulness – Uniting Us

We provide resources and connect children from all communities at our service.

We are actively seek new opportunities to expand and create services.

Culture – Understanding Differences

All cultures are unique and all deserve respect and consideration. The only way to understand these differences is to learn and allow ourselves to be non-judgmental.

We champion new ways of creating harmonious communities through building mutual respect and understanding.

Building – Being Innovative

We inspire our community, through educational practices, to achieve our vision.

Community – Being Inspiring

We inspire children & parents from all cultures to work together to create a community that values difference and embraces harmony.

The African Australian Education Centre is a place that engages and inspires all volunteers to achieve for themselves and others