African Australian Education
Our children… Australia's Future


Our Goal:

To run homework support, music & arts activities for children in the 5-12 age group who struggling with their education. We are piloting a model that promotes positive educational outcomes and activities to engage and encourage children from low-income backgrounds.

Our children receive educational support, music and arts activities from volunteers in a well organised safe environment.

Our Mission:

To help children experience the JOY of EDUCATION, MUSIC & ART.

Music, one of the original liberal arts, offers children a prism through which to develop both creative and critical skills. This enables them to synthesise their subjective experiences with history, theory and culture. Using a variety of approaches, students hone communication and problem solving skills, learning craftsmanship and teamwork through sustained effort. Above all, our facility prepares students to become thinking, articulate, sensitive and conscientious citizens and musicians.
They are us.
We believe that small things done with great love will change the world.

We are:

• A diverse, celebration of education and knowledge available to communities in every neighbourhood.
• Promoting and developing of outward-focused citizens in Australia.

 Our values are:

1. Kindness;
2. Honesty;
3. Personal Growth;
4. Education as a privilege and power of sharing knowledge with other friends.
5. Community